Easy Boot Jack, Take off Leather Puller Remover Cowboy Ranch Pregnant Shoe Horn

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* Easy Boot Jack, Puller Remover, Take off Boots Easy!, Standing up

( not including boots )

Easy to take off Long Boots, Leather Boots, Wet Boots, Unclean Boots, Working shoes, Rubber Boots, Skate and Ski boots.

Some people with limited mobility like pregnant and nursing women, old people and disabled persons can take their shoes off conveniently using it.


- Easy Boot Jack : Good shape for taking off boots
- Leather protective rubber : Separable
- Weight : 300g ± 50g
- Size : 100mm x 100mm(Jack Part) x 550mm(length)

- Made in South Korea

The length is adjustable.
There is a Adjustment button


This item is a thing helping people to take off their tall shoes like the leather boots, the rubber boots and the working shoes more easily.

Further We researched this item to take off other various shoes including the running shoes, the general shoes, the pair of skates, and the ski boots.

Because this item is made for solving the problems created when existing types of shoes are taken off, it can reduce the fall risk resulted from the loss of balance, and doesn't require for people to bend their knees or waist, so some people with limited mobility like pregnant and nursing women, old people and disabled persons can take their shoes off conveniently using it.

Also, because people can take off shoes using this item without directly touching them,
no dust or dirt spoils our hands, leading to the minimization of the germs/virus infection possibility.

Besides, this item solves the matter of hardly taking off shoes like rubber boots, leather boots, pair of skate, and ski boots whose necks are narrow.

This item has a widen
U-shaped 'holding portion' which is separated from a shoes' upper heel space (groove space) integrated with the shoes' back slap so as to press and support the shoes' heel. The widen U-shaped part take the role of holding the shoes. Because of this feature, this item can be used in any shoes regardless of shoes' size, and this curved holding portion works as a tool separating the shoes and feet in the shoes by pressing a crane's knob.

The 'holding portion' taking the role of pillar also punches and put a wire and adjustment button into it, so adjusting its height depending on user's stature (tall). 

Also including the crane-shaped handle part for a user to grab it, the item makes the rubber for leather protection, so protects any shoes made leather or materials scared easily. 

This 'Easy Boot Jack' is a light and convenient product to be used, everyone in gender and age can use it easily every place where they have to take off their shoes.

Also everyone can use it conveniently any places like restaurants, shoes shops, ranches, food service centers, other spaces necessary for food hygiene where people put on their rubber boots or working shoes.



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